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......@@ -1017,6 +1017,15 @@ this slide became a Meta-Semantics since it was introduced by Chomsky.
\subsection{Page 19}
We are interested in the red statements in this lecture.
\subsection{Page 20 - Which type of semantics to use?}
\item Understanding an imperative language $\rightarrow$ operational semantics
\item Verifying imperative programs $\rightarrow$ axiomatic semantics
\subsection{Page 21}
Input-States are an assignment of values to variables.
......@@ -1058,10 +1067,16 @@ the evaluation of $[b]$\ldots is a Binary function.\\
We have a state $\sigma$ and we want to evaluate the expression $[.]$ with
the given state.
\subsection{Page 31}
Syntax is inside $[.]$ and semantics is outside $[.]$
\subsection{Page 32}
The last configuration $\gamma_k$ is called:
\item final - if $\gamma_k \in \mathcal{S}$: program terminates
\item stuck - if $\gamma_k \in (\mathcal{P}x\mathcal{S})$: program aborts
\subsection{Page 33 - Example program run. WHILE}
Sequential composition always means we have a subcomputation.
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